The following facilities are available in the School:

  • Classrooms: These are standard, well-ventilated and furnished with comfortable seats.
  • Laboratory: There is Multi-purpose laboratory for enhancement of learning of Sciences in the School.
  • Communication Book: This enables the School to communicate directly with parents. Each student in the School is given a free copy of the communication book in each session.
  • Computer laboratory: There is a computer laboratory furnished with many PCs and auxiliaries for better understanding by Students.
  • Staff: The School is blessed with the service of dedicated and God fearing Staff. Our teaching staff is made of qualified, experienced and very committed graduate teachers.
  • After School Lesson: There is a well organized lesson at subsidized price. The lesson is compulsory for all SS Three (3) and JSS Three (3) Students.
  • Entrepreneurship Courses: This helps to arouse entrepreneurial spirit in the Students.
  • Examination Hall: This comprises a 200 capacity hall furnished with comfortable seats for all examinations.